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PNC offers award-winning training, comprehensive benefits and a culture that's built on
values such as respect, integrity and teamwork.

The values you gained throughout your military service
have provided you with the tools you need to succeed.
"When I first joined PNC, I instantly felt like I was part of a team dedicated to helping each other and our customers. As the executive sponsor of PNC's Military Employee Group and Recruiting Advisory Council, I see firsthand how the company leverages the skills, values and experiences of employees like me to achieve our goals."
Matt Bruhn - Formerly US Air Force
PNC Bank Operations Executive

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  • William Foster - Formerly US Navy Vice President, PNC Retail Branch Manager

    In my role, I feel recognized for my work as an individual and as part of a strong and dedicated team. Since I was hired I have been afforded every opportunity to advance in my career, grow as an individual and give back to our community and I couldn't be more proud to be a part of PNC.

  • Lisa Bradley - Formerly US Marine Corps Assistant Vice President, PNC Market Talent Scout

    Four years ago someone saw some "Marine" qualities in me that could make me a good fit for the culture. That person was right, and I'm so glad that I joined PNC!

  • David Enick - Formerly US Army National Guard PNC Treasury Consulting Officer

    Most of the skills that helped prepare me for my career at PNC are inherent within military values. These include teamwork, an understanding of the value of diverse perspectives, and knowing that you have to take initiative in order to succeed.

  • Shelly Hammond - Formerly US Air Force Vice President, PNC Distribution Operations and Communications Manager

    On a professional level, it's clear to me that PNC is invested in my ongoing growth and success. Personally, I have come across so many prior military members here. Between that and team members committed to PNC's core values, there's an element that's familiar and feels like home to me.

  • Percy Simpson - Formerly US Army Sr. Vice President, Line of Business Marketing

    While motives and measures of success are different, at the core, there are similarities between PNC and the military. Both are complex, multi-functional organizations, whose success is dependent upon coordination, collaboration and integration. Both are reliant on motivated, highly engaged people working as cohesive teams to achieve objectives and accomplish missions.

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