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You Should Know, You Are Not Alone.

Many people are having a hard time staying afloat. But we may be able to help. Whether you currently have a mortgage, home equity loan/line of credit or credit card debt, PNC is working with customers like you to find solutions.

A hardship can come in many forms. Unemployment, decrease of income, rising expenses, interest rates and/or payments, declining property value, divorce, injury or illness-- these are all considered hardships. If you are experiencing a hardship that is making it difficult for you to pay your bills, there may be help.

You May Have Options

But you need to contact us. Don't wait.

PNC will keep all personal information confidential. So contact us as soon as you see trouble on the horizon-- even if you haven't missed any payments yet.

By reaching out early, we can help find an option that best fits your needs. The sooner you contact us, the more options you may have.

Talk to Us First

Every case is different. But our goal is the same-- to help our customers through these hard times. That could include helping a family stay in their home by adjusting payments to make them more manageable or simply educating you on your options.

There are companies that want to charge you a fee to talk to them about your loan. Don't pay a fee, when PNC will work with you directly to try to find a solution FREE of charge.

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